Support of Tabbed Browsing in Session Replay

Unify to clarify: guided by this principle, we have enhanced session replay with the introduction of tabbed browsing. Designed to address a common challenge among developers, this feature significantly improves how session recordings are replayed.

Previously, replaying user sessions meant dealing with separate recordings for each tab, which complicated the debugging process. Developers were forced to switch between multiple sessions to piece together the full context and sequence of actions for a single user.

Now, with tabbed browsing in session replay, this issue is no longer a concern. Developers can now have a single replay that integrates all tabs. This change allows developers to quickly find and fix bugs by viewing the complete user journey without jumping from one recording to another. It provides a unified and simplified approach to multi-tab debugging, enhancing the overall debugging experience.

This is available from v1.15.0. More on this below: