How to integrate replays into my internal portal

Hi OpenReplay team,

We really love the look of Assist, but dont have a setup where our support team can log into OpenReplay’s portal - We have a customer facing app and our own back office portal that our support team use. We would really love to use Assist inside our own portal to initiate an assist session with the customer. Is this something that is possible using an API?

• Pull active session for a given customer record in our system
• Initiate assist from inside our system (via API)
• embed the assist window inside our portal and support all the actions (call, remote control) etc.
All the best!

Hey :wave:
You can rely on iFrames to do that, but the agents would still need to login to be able to access OpenReplay. We do support service accounts to alleviate that and provide seamless integration inside internal apps but this is only supported on our Enterprise edition.