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Good day everyone, does OpenReplay support generating limited access tokens or shareable links for temporary viewing of individual session replays? Currently, when I open a session replay link in incognito mode, it requires login credentials.

Hey Johann, at the moment, we do not support limited access tokens. To view a session, one must authenticate and have access to your project.

Thanks for the clarification Sudheer. Since limited access tokens aren’t available right now, what would you recommend as the best workaround to share session replays with external viewers temporarily?

No problem. Enabling limited access is on our roadmap. If it’s urgent, the only workaround I can suggest is to create a screen recording of your session and share the video file, but you know the limitations.

Got it, thanks for the update Sudheer. I understand that enabling limited access is in progress. Appreciate your assistance.

Thank you! You’re always welcome to share feedback or make requests.

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