Can I setup OpenReplay without a public IP?

I’m setting up a lab and i wonder if there a way that i can install OpenReplay without a public IP? i think theoretically it should work, just point the private ip and configure with local DNS. But i wonder what will be the effect on the TLS side (i.e. user might got error due to self sign certificate).

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Yes, you can. Make sure to overwrite /etc/hosts at os level in the OpenReplay instance/server (external users need to change accordingly). Also, regarding the SSL certificate, follow the step to disable the SSL validation:


I think Yes, theoretically you can install Open Replay without a public IP by pointing it to a private IP address and configuring it with local DNS. However, when accessing it over TLS (HTTPS) users might encounter certificate errors due to it being self signed. To avoid these errors, you would need to ensure that your local DNS resolves the domain name correctly to the private IP and either install a trusted SSL certificate or manage certificate warnings on client devices.