OpenReplay give 502 once disk is filled up

Hi there, I have openreplay installed on an ec2 instance with files writing to s3 (not minio). For some reason our disk is filling up (in /openreplay/storage/nfs).
The issue is the server is once the HDD space is filled up, openreplay gives a 502 bad gateway error.
I’ve modified the cron job in config file to cron: "5 * * * *"

Right now, the mimium retention for cleanup we support via automation is 1 day.
If you want to cleanup data before, say you want to only keep files that are older than 5 hrs, run the following command:
sudo find /openreplay/storage/nfs -type f -mmin +300 -exec /bin/bash -c "ls -lah {}; rm {}" \;