How to migrate old recordings from minio to S3?


Is there anyway to migrate old data from minio storage to S3 storage?

Short description for my problem:
I had a self-host openreplay instance and the session recordings were saved on local minio storage. A week ago, I changed storage from minio to S3. Every thing work find with new sessions. But when I want to view the old sessions, it returns ‘not found’. The log show that openreplay looking up these session recordings on S3 storage which return 404 error because it dont have.
To fix this, I tried to copy all session data from local disk to S3 storage, but unfortunately it doesn’t help because format is different between minio and S3.

The old data was stored in format (the dom.mobs is a folder):

  • dom.mobs(folder)

The S3 format is different like this (the dom.mobs is a file):

  • dom.mobs (file)

Thank you for any help!

Unfortunately there isn’t an automated way to do that. You can copy the files from minio to S3 (run a bucket replication) and keep the same structure (this has slightly changed throughout the versions). Do not remove minio however, since it contains the assets bucket which is needed to replay the old recordings as they point to it for css files.